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Vandevi Hing 50 Gram

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Vandevi Hing 50 Gram

 Asafoetida (hindi Hing)

This is a substance obtained from the roots and rhizomes of asafoetida (Ferula assa-foetida), an essential spice in Indian cuisine. This gum-resin has a characteristic strong smell, similar to onion or garlic. Despite its rather repulsive names (called stinking gum), it gives Indian dishes a wonderful aroma. Importantly, the strong smell disappears after adding to the dish, leaving just a unique Indian flavor.

It is used as a flavor enhancer. It is an excellent addition to dishes based on curry and turmeric. In the Indian cuisine it is most often combined in the form of "Pappu" with fruits / vegetables such as mango, dosakaya, tomato. The taste of dishes cooked with asafoetida is harmonious and balanced.

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