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About us

Our vision is to let our customers experience
"Hassle free shopping for the cheapest price"

Spicehaveli saves you a lot of time and money. Don't worry about finding a parking spot, or even think about the parking fees.

We do it different, the best has yet to come.
We buy directly from the manufacturer, and have a partnership with the wholesaler.

This is how we can guarantee low prices and a good turn over rate. We distribute our products directly from our own warehouse in the Netherlands.
So no dust collecting on a shelf in a traditional shop.

Not impressed yet?
Our team consist of the best purchasing managers with the right connections.
This is actually where our story began in 2016 as a wholesale business for the small traditional "Toko" shops across the Benelux and Germany.

We even launched our brand ''Khushboo" succesfully in the shops. Our story has just began. We are living in Europe but our Desi scene is far behind, we are here to tackle that. New brands are launching soon!


Reasonable price

Low price for bulkoffers. Buy more, save more!

Authentic products

Straight from the manufacturer. Unique in the Netherlands, you wont find our products at your local store.

Minimum order

Minimum order of €10 required for checkout.

Free Shipping

Above €50, or €25 for Local Delivery. We will never include shipping costs in our products.