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TRS Soonf (Fennel Seeds)

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TRS Soonf (Fennel Seeds)

TRS Fennel has a sweet licorice flavor and an appealing aroma. The aroma is greatly enhanced when dry roasted can be used after meals as a mouth freshener and digestive. Consult your Indian cookery books for the correct method to dry roast.

Fennel seeds have a taste suggestive of anise, being warm and spicy with an almost medicinal freshness. Dry roast the seeds to enhance the flavor. Fennel seeds can be used after a meal to freshen the mouth and help to act as a digestive.

  • Fennel seeds, both whole, and ground, are a spice commonly used in European, Asian, and Mediterranean cuisines.
  • Fennel Seed has a delicate flavor; light and sweet, similar to anise.
  • Fennel has always been considered an aid to digestion.

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