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TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole 150 Gram

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TRS Kashmiri Chilli Whole is widely used in many cuisines and is an essential ingredient in Indian cookery. Ideal for making hot sauces and chili oil or simply add to dishes after frying in hot oil. Most Indian savory dishes are incomplete without a dash of chili powder or a flake of dry Kashmiri Chilli. However, when you want that mild zing and the enticing red color but also moderate spiciness, then Kashmiri chili is the option.

These chilies are smaller and rounder and less pungent but give a very vibrant red color to a dish. In fact, they are specially bred for their vibrant red and moderate spiciness. Available in a wide range of color values, the best varieties are bright red and valued for their high color retention. They give a glowing red color to dishes without imparting too much heat and make the dish more appealing and palatable.

  • Gives Appealing Red Colour And Spice To The Food
  • These are hot/mild chilies
  • It can be added to curries, vegetable dishes, tomato sauce, soups, stews, and any other type of dish you want to give a chili taste

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