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Bournvita contains a combination of vitamin D, vitamin C and iron as well as other essential vitamins, minerals and natural ingredients. The powdered drink can simply be dissolved in a glass of warm or cold milk and sweetened to suit your taste. Bournvita combines the delicious taste of chocolate and the goodness of key nutrients that can aid children's growth and development.


1.Is Cadbury Bournvita suitable for 4 years plus kids?

- Yes, people of all ages can drink this product.

2. What are the ingredients in Cadbury Bournvita 5 Star Magic?

- Cereal extracts, sugar, milk solids, maltodextrin, caramel color, cocoa solids, emulsifiers, vitamins and minerals.

3. How Bournvita L’il champs helps in toddler’s growth?

- It contains Nutri smart DHA and other essential nutrients that aid metabolic functions and help in toddler's growth.

4. Is Bournvita beneficial in weight gain?

- It is a health drink, can be used as a nutritional supplement to improve overall health.

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