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Snacks & Sweets

TRS Mustard Seeds (Brown) TRS 100 Gram

TRS Mustard Seeds (Brown)


Kurkure Masala Munch 90 Gram

€1,39  €1,49

KCB Thick Savian 450 Gram


TRS Papads Madras Plain 200 Gram


KCB Hot Bombay Mix 450 Gram


Kurkure Namkeen - Chilli Chatka

€1,39  €1,50

Parle Cardamom Elaichi Rusk Crispy Snack 200 gram


KCB Gathia Mix 450 Gram


KCB Exotic Mix 450 Gram


TRS Peanuts Pink


KCB Savian Medium 450 Gram


TRS Sesame Seeds Black TRS

TRS Sesame Seeds Black


Bikano Tikoni Matthi


Lijjat Jeera Papad 200 Gram


KCB Boondi 450 Gram


TRS Raisins Green (Chinese)


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